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Karmic Love – Libra New Moon in Mercury Retrograde

As we journey through the Zodiac towards the scales of balance. We are compelled to weigh our hearts’ true desires across from our hearts’ true purpose.

We align under the energy of a Libra New Moon. A time of beauty with an emphasis on unrequited love. A torch of passion lit!!! In this case, the what if? Is entertained by those whose torches still burn bright.

Those wanting to reignite a passion within the memories of the past. Must understand that those who have travelled beyond their reach have found their feet firmly grounded in the future and events to come.

If you are unable to move forward, you are allowed to move on gracefully, with the aid of Mercury Retrograde. As far from our thoughts is the reality that those looking for love cannot find it within themselves.

So until they do, they will search the world over, trying to find true love reflected in the eyes of someone else. Suspended in time they will be unbalanced and unloved. Never understanding why love is not there for the mind, body and soul.

A Libra New Moon brings transformation under the nurturing eyes of goddess Venus. Welcoming growth and abundance, Restoring balance to all. As we conflict with interest daily until the 18th of October, the energy of manifestation is restricted due to Mercury being in the final retrograde of 2021.

Time is what creates leverage for everyone to start planning new projects and opportunities. Your intention is to focus on balancing your centre point. Where creativity and intention bring stability and strength to all facets of life.

New Moon Mantra I am restored by sacred cosmic vibration. I am divinely protected. I relinquish the weight of that which no longer serves me. My spirit is awake. My path is revealed. I am open to receiving. Mauri ora!!!

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Apārangi huri kōaro – Mercury Retrograde


As we have had the Spring Equinox grace our Southern skies. From within the Zodiac, we are gifted the movement of Virgo to Libra and a  Full Moon void of course of Pisces to Aries. In this Final Quarter Moon energy, we align in the final Mercury retrograde in the house of Libra under a Gemini Moon. 

Te kaupapa o ākengokengo!!!  From September 27 – October 18  The final Mercury retrograde of 2021 aligns in the Sun sign of Libra in the transitioning Of a disseminating Moon to the last quarter Moon in Gemini the 3rd Astrological house ruled by Mercury. 

A positive as that sets a productive communication level for one and all. This energy delivers a positive shift of balance as technically due to Covid-19  most people will be able to capitalize on the situations ahead. 

Te whakapapa o Retrograde- the Latin word retrograde, which literally means “backward step.” And for everyone, we have the opportunity to start again after an official national standstill. So without realizing for once ‘retrograde,’ can assist us with creating balance in our Universe!! 

For myself, l have a busy month ahead, retrograde gives me an opportunity to align with those seeking individual enlightenment, with the understanding that we are to work together to raise awareness, that caters to self-empowerment. 

Mercury Retrograde will finally serve a purpose to many of a beneficial nature. We are all wanting to rush towards change and change is the remedy to many right here and now!!!

The only situation everyone needs to take note of in this timeframe is transportation – as we are just getting comfortable with our Covid realities the caution is in getting to places and destinations safely. As Mercury is all about transportation and safety and obstacles in the natural world seem to have a stronger pull of a negative force. Kia tupato koutou!!!! 

For many also starting new businesses, relocation and travel are well known retrograde no!!! nos!!! This time Covid has taken the bullet for you. So vibe off the need to survive jump in, get things started and sorted. Just factor in the rules of a worst-case scenario. Which everyone has this down pat!!! 

Simple steps are what you need… The positive list I’ve created for everyone to reflect upon when stuck in the funk!!! 

1:Brainstorm – Plan your move within the timeframe. 

2:Reflection – Take in the energy surrounding you and go off your intuitive thoughts. 

3:Organization – It’s Soring y’all Declutter Spring Clean!!!

4:Planning – Empower your mind, making steps towards those money 💰 moves. Upskill!!! Business plans!!!

5:Research – Get in contact with your Matakite, plan your forecast, invest in yourself, and find out what’s necessary for your grind!!!

6:Going with the flow:- Focus 🧘🏽‍♂️ on what serves a purpose for you, your collective and your financial well being. Also, connect with your like-minded vibe tribe. To get the just of what is essential to your success. 

So don’t look at Retrograde as a hindrance but an opportunity to elongate future steps to success. Mercury is also the positive messenger of the realms above and below. And if anything you mentally get to exercise all of the dormant mauri ready to be tapped!!!!