A practitioner of traditional ancient healing and divination, Nalini has been sharing her talents with the world for over 15years. Well, respected Matamata Aitu, “clairvoyant and foreteller of future events.” Her many gifts are to physically and spiritually align one with their true life path…. Like her female ancestors, who were also renowned “Seerers.”

Traditional Maori Healer Certified Kai Rongoa, Mahi Matakite, Matatuhi Certified Crystal Healer, Clairvoyant and Tarot Specialist, Workshops and Clinic Treatments for Tohu Tarot – Nalini Cook

Shining through from Nalini is professionalism, a truly caring manner, treatments and readings are delivered peacefully with reassurance, compassion and precision.

Certified traditional Maori healer Nalini works within the realms of Te ao Hurihrui, Te ao Turoa, and Te ao Tawhito. Certified Kai Rongoa, she has “breathed life” into the ancient healing methods practiced by her family, immersed in sacred knowledge, stylising methods and perfecting her own. Incorporating her Maori, Wampanoag, Eastern European, Scottish and Irish ancestry. Paying homage to the Great Creator, Nalini’s use of the environment and Mother Earth’s treasures, a true merit to her ever-evolving healing style.

Her many facets in spiritual and physical healing are a true merit to her life’s’ works so far.

Traditional Polynesian massage, reflexology, native comprised medicine administration/dispensary and consultations. Nalini’s Te Aka range is all apart of this modality. As well as performing traditional rituals requested by clients.

Through her spiritual journey, Nalini has evolved her own healing structured workshops. As a certified crystal healer, her passion is introducing the world to Aotearoa native gems and minerals, working with many international groups, Nalini has brought them true awareness of the spiritual heartbeat upon our shores.

The holistic approach to life is one that Nalini promotes. A survivor of a rare Ovarian Cancer over 20 years ago and recently Breast Cancer. She fully understands how “dis-ease” can be overcome through aligning both the physical and spiritual spheres and needs of oneself. To believe in the great Creator, the power of prayer, forgiveness, determination, failure, love and life. Are all apart of a healing journey. What she always promotes is awareness and reminds all to look for simple signs that expose themselves to us. “Tohu.” Symbolism – Nalini has mastered the great gift of interpretation and is asked by many for assistance and guidance. Founder of Tohu and Tarot Nalini prides herself in sharing her heartsong, knowledge and life journeys. All apart of helping others fly.

“Maa mua ka kite a muri ~ Ma muri ka ora a mua”