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About Nalini Cook: Traditional Healer and Clairvoyant

Nalini Cook, a practitioner of traditional ancient healing and divination, has been sharing her remarkable talents with the world for over 15 years. Respected globally as a clairvoyant and foreteller of future events, Nalini’s gifts help individuals align physically and spiritually with their true life paths. Like her female ancestors, who were also renowned seers, Nalini’s abilities are deeply rooted in tradition and spirituality.

Certifications and Expertise:

  • Certified Traditional Māori Healer
  • Certified Kai Rongoā (Māori herbal medicine)
  • Mahi Matakite (Māori divination)
  • Matatuhi (Māori prophecy)
  • Certified Crystal Healer
  • Clairvoyant and Tarot Specialist

Nalini offers workshops and clinic treatments through Tohu Tarot, delivering her services with professionalism, compassion, and precision. Her readings and treatments are conducted in a truly caring manner, providing reassurance and clarity.

Cultural Heritage and Healing Practices: Nalini’s work is grounded in the realms of Te ao Hurihrui (the changing world), Te ao Tūroa (the natural world), and Te ao Tawhito (the ancient world). As a certified Kai Rongoā, she has revitalised the ancient healing methods practiced by her family, infusing them with her unique style and expertise. Nalini honours her diverse ancestry, which includes Māori, Wampanoag, Eastern European, Scottish, and Irish roots, integrating these influences into her evolving healing practices.

Holistic Healing Services: Nalini offers a variety of healing services, including traditional Polynesian massage, reflexology, native medicine administration, and consultations. Her Te Aka range is part of this holistic modality, along with performing traditional rituals requested by clients.

Workshops and International Reach: Through her spiritual journey, Nalini has developed structured healing workshops. As a certified crystal healer, she passionately introduces the world to Aotearoa’s native gems and minerals. Working with international groups, Nalini raises awareness of the spiritual heartbeat of New Zealand.

Personal Journey and Philosophy: A survivor of rare ovarian cancer over 20 years ago and recently breast cancer, Nalini understands the power of aligning physical and spiritual health to overcome “dis-ease.” She believes in the Great Creator, the power of prayer, forgiveness, determination, love, and life as integral parts of the healing journey. Nalini emphasises awareness and encourages people to look for signs, or “tohu,” that guide them. She has mastered the gift of interpreting these signs, providing assistance and guidance to many.

Founder of Tohu and Tarot: As the founder of Tohu and Tarot, Nalini prides herself on sharing her knowledge, life experiences, and heartsong to help others thrive. Her life’s work in spiritual and physical healing is a testament to her dedication and expertise.

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